Wendy Daws – Enbosu Drop-in Activity

This September artist Wendy Daws is exhibiting her new works – Embosu – at No.34. On Saturday 16 September, between 11am to 2pm, there’ll be a ‘hands-on’ activity session with Wendy, using embossing foil to make your own tactile artworks to take home.

Origami Workshop

Make anything out paper with using the traditional craft of origami!

WOW – Wearable Object Workshop with Nicole Mollett

W.O.W is Wearable Object Workshop with artist Nicole Mollett on Saturday 12 August, between 11am-2pm. Nicole will be using Ted Hannaford’s Guinness World Record Breaking French Knitting, and other materials to create quick and colourful wearable sculptures to pose with in our ‘Dada Photo Booth’.

Identity Tapestry – August Drop-In

“I like to keep my promises”
“I am curious”
“I hate change”
Help us weave a temporary wall tapestry at No.34 this August – take a piece of coloured thread and use it to trace your own journey using our prompt cards and anchor pins to guide you.

Mr and Mrs Polluto: Free Performances and Play Session @ No.34

Join Total Insight Theatre at No.34 as they present the tale of Mr and Mrs Polluto, who throw all their rubbish into the garden and never recycle. One day, their rubbish piles so high that they can no longer leave the house. What will happen next? Find out at this fun interactive family performance and also get the chance to make your own puppet afterwards in the special play sessions.

Junk Modelling Play Session with Total Insight Theatre @ No.34

Before they perform Mr and Mrs Polluto on  Saturday 29 July at No.34, Total Insight Theatre will be holding a free Junk Modelling workshop on Saturday 22nd July where you can make a massive monster, or a peculiar puppet out of stuff other people would throw away.