Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1 – Film by Katie Dale-Everett Dance

Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1 is a choreographic art film from Katie Dale-Everett acquired by Channel Four’s Random Acts. The film, shown every day at No.34 is inspired by the Right to be Forgotten law and addresses concerns surrounding online privacy and identity.

Round Six round-up emphasizes creative diversity in Swale and Medway

Dance for the disabled and a foray into the natural world are just two of the latest innovative projects funded by Ideas Test. Small Experiments Deborah Cottingham – ‘Late Developers’ Inspired by two of our Community Catalyst projects, Siobhan Timoney’s ‘Neighbours’ and Mary Eddowes’s ‘Soup Festival’, residents at The Almshouses in Faversham will prove to… Continue Reading