Pop-Up Panto Prep drop-in

What would you like to see in our Pop-Up Panto this December? Come along to contribute ideas and create characters – from the ultimate panto princess to the worst panto baddie! Then see your creations brought to life on Sat 16th December.


We’ll show you how to make an 8 page foldy zine or show us if you have the know how!
We’ll bring the photocopier and paper.  You bring the ideas, images & words.. put them together to create your own Zine.
We’re channeling kindness that week at no.34 but you can choose your own theme to draw, write, cut, paste & share with the world.
Make one Zine to keep and one to display.
£1 gives you unlimited access to our materials + our support.

Autumn Arts Workshops: Glass Art with Karen Verma

Treat yourself to a day of craft and creativity!
Karen Verma will show you how to cut glass, use copper foil, solder the seams, and apply patina and polish the finished projects. You’ll be using copper foiling, the same technique used to make Tiffany lamps, to make a glass sun catcher.

Photo of wool

Knit-A-Letter @ Sheppey Gateway

If you love a Knit and Knatter, come along for some woolly fun and knit a letter! Sheppey Matters’ Justin Aggett will be on hand to help us spell out ‘Be Kind’!

Autumn Arts Workshops: Ceramics with Laurie Harpum

Treat yourself to a day of craft and creativity!
Design and create a bespoke ceramic house number. Laurie Harpum will help you create your design, which will be glazed for you so it can be used or perhaps given as a gift!