Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1 – Film by Katie Dale-Everett Dance

Digital Tattoo: Artefact 1 is a choreographic art film from Katie Dale-Everett acquired by Channel Four’s Random Acts. The film, shown every day at No.34 is inspired by the Right to be Forgotten law and addresses concerns surrounding online privacy and identity.

Wild Namibia: Desert Photographs

Taken over 10 days travelling with 10 women on The Matriarch Adventure: Cassandra’s images share the vastness and detail of her journey through the Namibian wilderness.

Half-Term: Peg Dollies Drop-In

Come and make a traditional toy this half term using clothes pegs, suitable for all ages – a craft from across the ages!

Doodle Drop-In

Start your Half-Term this Bank Holiday Weekend by doodling and drawing at No.34.