Monday Makes – Get Making this Summer!

Get creative this summer by joining in with our series of ‘Monday Makes’. Each Monday across the School Holidays we’ll be promoting a fun, creative activity you can have a go at yourself! 

We know it’s hard to keep buzzing minds busy, so we’ve collated a list of really creative crafts and activities for you to do over the next six weeks. Each Monday, we will be linking to a new activity and for the first two weeks, it will be activities you can get stuck into right from your home!

After that, we’ll still be linking to a new activity each Monday throughout the Summer hols, so make sure you check us out on Twitter and Facebook to find out what we’ve got planned. As No.34 isn’t open on Mondays, after the 7th August you’ll be able to come in to No.34 the remaining four days – Tuesday to Friday – and try the weekly activity with us. The team at Ideas Test has searched for six super crafty creations for you to enjoy and if we can make them, you can too!

The first Monday Make will be announced on Monday 24th July and then every Monday afterwards, with the final “Make” scheduled for the 28th August. Whether you manage one Monday Make or do all six is completely up to you! We’ll still have our drop-in sessions on Saturdays too, so check our What’s On page to find out what we have coming up.

Scroll down to find each of the Monday Makes once they are uploaded every Monday..

MONDAY MAKE 1 – 24th July – Colour Choice Collage!

To start you off with an easy activity you can do at home, the first Monday Make is a fun photography challenge. Download the instructions here or click on the image below and get making!

MONDAY MAKE 2 – 31st July – Make a Story!

We’re working with words this week for our Monday Make so if you have a budding author in your house, this is the activity for them! Whatever your age, it’s easy to get involved with this Monday Make. You could invent a story from scratch or use one of the writing prompts listed below if you need some inspiration. You can even create an exciting short story using an interactive word game called Storymaker. Here is the link for the Storymaker Game:

  • In the depths of the forest, something stirs…
  • Last night I had a dream that I…
  • Your main character is going on a quest, what do they take with them?
  • Create a character and give them magical powers…
  • Write a diary from the point of view of a confused witch or wizard.

MONDAY MAKE 3 – 7th August – Exquisite Corpse!

We have a fun group activity for our next Monday Make called Exquisite Corpse. Exquisite Corpse sounds like something from a horror film – but it’s not! It’s a really fun way to get creative with your friends. It was invented by a group of artists known as The Surrealists in the early part of last century. The Surrealists were influenced by another group of artists before them called Dada.

To make your own Exquisite Corpse artwork just:

  • Download our worksheet
  • Gather pens, pencils – you could even try making a collage from magazines!
  • Get 2 or more people involved


  • Decide on what body part you want to draw (Head, Body, or Legs)
  • Get the person drawing the head to go first – making sure no one else sees what they’ve drawn.
  • Draw slightly over the grey dotted line so the person drawing the next section can see where to carry on the drawing
  • Fold over the grey line so the next artist can’t see what’s been drawn before
  • Repeat for Body and Legs
  • Unfold your masterpiece!

You can  download your Exquisite Corpse activity sheet here!


MONDAY MAKE 4 – 14th August – Rubber Band Guitar

Let’s get musical with our next Monday Make! We’re making rubber band guitars from items you can easily find around the house. All you need are four elastic bands (preferably of different sizes), some sticky tape, a cardboard tube or a flat stick/ruler and then a tissue box  or paper plate to act as the body.  


Younger children might like to follow along with this easy to access Recycling Guide activity to create their rubber band guitar or you can use the instructions below. Click on the image below to download or print your instructions. You can also pop into No34 from Tuesday to Friday and make your guitar with us!

Once you’ve made your instrument, why not bring it along to No34 on Saturday 19th August and join in with our Live Looping drop in event. No musical experience is necessary, so bring your rubber band guitar and get experimenting with audio. Who knows, after joining in with the looping session, you might be on your way to becoming the next Ed Sheeran!

MONDAY MAKE 5 – 21st August 

Check back on Monday 21st August to find out what the next Monday Make is…